Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been thinking about how to become a great Go player and to be honest my head was emptier than ever! Then suddenly I came up with an idea. And it was – losing!

Like every other Go player, I hate to lose. I really do, and when I lose I feel nasty. I think that this is the main problem that needs to be solved, and I think that partly I did.

First thing of all when we lose, (I mean games) we feel awful. We feel that we are giftless players and it’d be better to quit playing the sport we currently do. Now I think there are a couple things that needs to be take into an account:

Okay we lost. So what? Has someone died?Did we lost our property and money? Even if the player was much stronger than us, isn’t that a nice thing? After all we knew we would lose, but still gave it a try.That is called courage.

Every time we lose, we get better because we learn something new. Every time we win, we learn nothing because we are too happy to give the game a good evaluation. We usually think that all our moves were awesome. And when we lose, on the countary, we think that all our moves were junk, so we sit and give the game a big thought. Next time we will be much better.


Anyways, this is for now.